Equality of Arms

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What does "Equality of Arms" mean? In the British Courts and Tribunals, absolutely nothing! We found ourselves attacked by a large publicly funded corporation (RCAT), and when we tried to fight the injustice, we found that large publicly funded corporation could use as much public money as they wanted to hire top lawyers, which they did. When one firm of solicitors quit, right before the first preliminary hearing, they simply hired another, even more exclusive, (and expensive), firm of solicitors.

Meantime, we had gone from being a 40,000+ household, to being totally dependent upon benefits, as a result of the corrupt, unlawful and libellous actions that this corporation took against us.

RCAT, the Corporation

Rotherham College of Arts & Technology are a Corporation. That means that their business model is one of profit making. This is one definition of a Corporation: "A large company or group of companies authorized to act as a single entity and recognized as such in law." While that is not in itself a reason to worry or complain, it was the callous actions that they carried out against their own staff, at the end of the year of 2012 and well into 2013, to ensure their survival as a large corporation, that needs to be highlighted. These actions occurred at a time when they had massively overspent their budget to fund new buildings, and were therefore unable to also fund the required redundancies. Instead, they launched a massive smear campaign against a number of staff members that they wanted to cull. We were on that cull list.